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Automatic Turntable with 4 Working Plate Hot and Cold Press  Machine JYSTZP-RLY
Pover Voltage 3φAC220/380/400/415/440
Heating Power
Cooling Power 3HP-
Max Pressure 10T-18T-25T
Electrode Size 550*400/600*400(mm)
Packing Size 1950(L)*1950(W)*2.350(H)mm

Without prior notice if changing above specifications to improve the quality.

Application Range:

It is used for shaping the face of sports shoes, sandals, handbag, and other kinds of bags etc. by melting and cooling press.

This machine is an improved model. It is based on the high frequency machine automatic turntable with the technology of hot pressing and quick cooling. It is controlled by HMI. Meanwhile, it can process kinds of products after a simply parameter settings, and the produce process is safe and effective with a low failure rate.
Structure tightly, less space occupying, low operation strength.

High production efficiency: This machines adopts two heads (4 working positions), the procedure is cooling after welding, With the maximum automatically of the machine, the operator just needs to put the materials into the machine and then receiving them.

Optional Tip:
The cooling system has two models: Built-in and externa.
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