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H/F Back-forward Automatic Fusing Machine   JY-QHZD-R


8KW  -  12KW

Oscillation Frequency


Power Supply

AC220/380/400/415/440 3φ

Input Power



Max Pressure



Electrode Size

350*500mm ( Customizable )

Packing Size


Application Range
Sport shoe’s upper, emobossing and cutting of sandals’ upper, PVC,PET blister packing, handbags, leather bag,etc.

Welding Combined with Cutting:
In order to reduce the misplaced jejects made by traditional cutting way, after welding the material with high frequency, our machine cuts it with supercharge at the position of the steel knife which installed at the mould.

High efficiency:
This machine has two working platforms, when the up skid platform is welding, the worker can put materials at the lower platform at the same time. In this case, it can make most use of machine and worker together.

Anti-spark Protection Device:
When spark occurs, in order to protect the mould and material, the highly sensitive electric protection system can cut the power of high frequency immediately.

No High Frequency Radiation:
In order to anti-disturbing other electric devices like cellphone, computer and so on the machine, equiped with good shielding device, can reduce the leakage of radio wave greatly.

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